Bryansk State Agricultural Academy

Bryansk State University Academician I.G. Petrovsky was established in 1930 which was formerly known as Novozybkov State Pedagogical Institute. In 1995, Bryansk State Pedagogical Institute named after Petrovskii became Normal University, and in 2001 the university received the status of a classical university. The university is known for its educational, scientific, historical and cultural traditions. Bryansk State University entered into an association of classical universities in Russia, head of the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov. The University emphasizes the innovative orientation of the structure and content of graduate training, access to education for every single person, and the establishment of a mobile competitive educational environment for the right to choose the education route. The university maintains strong ties with Russian and foreign scientific schools. These include the Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg and the Moscow branch of the Institute of Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg Institute of Euler, Yale University of Massachusetts (USA), Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, a number of research centers in Poland, Sweden and Norway.

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