Tver State Medical Academy

Tver State Medical Academy is a State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education in Tver (formerly known as Kalinin) city of Russian Federation. Tver State Medical Academy was established 1920 in Petrograd city as an Institute of Public Dentistry. In 1927 Institute of Public Dentistry was transformed into the Leningrad Dental Institute, and in 1954 Leningrad Dental Institute was transferred to the city of Kalinin. In 1994 Leningrad Dental Institute received the status of academy and became Tver State Medical Academy. Today, Tver State Medical Academy has six faculties – Medical, Dental, Pediatric, Pharmaceutical, Higher Nursing education, as well as postgraduate education, training and retraining of specialists, and the preparatory department for foreign citizens. At present Tver State Medical Academy 5600 students from 31 countries are being trained in 42 departments under 560 highly skilled teachers. From 1920 Tver State Medical Academy has trained 31000 doctors and specialists.

Getting an education in Tver State Medical Academy provides a student with exceptional groundwork for their career growth. Having a degree from Tver State Medical Academy is being confident in your bright future and unfathomable career opportunities.


  • General Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Dental/Stomatology
  • Pharmacy
  • Advanced Nursing Education
  • Post Graduation

Tver Medical Academy
• Tver School Of Medicine
• Tver State Medical University
• Tver Medical Institute