Samara State Technical University

Samara State Technical University is one of the main universities in Russia. It offers a wide variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes to choose from its 12 faculties. At the moment we prepare specialists in the following fields: Energy, Oil and Gas, Chemistry and Petrochemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Transportation, Food Production, Defense Industry, Information Technology, Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Engineering Systems Administration and Automation, Material Science and Metallurgy, Biotechnology, Industrial Ecology, Architecture, Civil Engineering and Design.

Its history dates back to 1910, when the regional government decided to build a high educational institution in Samara, which was the leading industrial center throughout the Volga Region. And so in 1914 Samara Polytechnic Institute was established. Since it was established more and more faculties appeared on its basis. Moreover, during its existence the institute changed its names several times. Until 1992 when Samara Polytechnic Institute got university status to be called Samara State Technical University.

Besides that, during its existence several high educational institutions integrated with Samara Polytech, and in 2016 it became a Flagship University in Samara Region among other 11 regional universities of Russia.

More than 100 years of its existence are closely connected with the times of the formation and development of engineering education and science not only in Samara region, but also in neighboring regions.

Nowadays Samara State Technical University has three branches in other Russian cities: Syzran, Novokuybyshevsk and Belebey.

Getting an education in Samara State Technical University provides a student with exceptional groundwork for their career growth. Having a degree from Samara State Technical University is being confident in your bright future and unfathomable career opportunities.