Samara State Aerospace University

Samara State Aerospace University (National Research University, Kuibyshev Aviation Institute) is a state institution of higher education and one of the leading technical universities in the Samara region and the Russian Federation. Samara State Aerospace University was established during World War II in 1942 as a Kuibyshev Aviation Institute. In Kuibyshev Aviation Institute the first classes began in October 1942. After World War II, along with the expansion of areas of training, the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute developed the new models of aircraft, including the first jet fighters and bombers MiG-9, MIG 15, MiG-17, IL-28, TU-16, TU-95. In 1957 the institute began training in space engineering. From 1956 to 1988 the Institute became one of the largest research centers in the region, to create unique scientific schools, especially in the field of construction and design of aircraft engines, aircraft and spacecraft. During this period as the number of students increased, the Institute expanded its areas of training and research. In 1991 as the name of Kuibyshev city changed into Samara, the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute was renamed into Samara Aviation Institute, which afterward changed into Samara State Aerospace University. In 2009, the Government of the Russian Federation gave Samara State Aerospace University the category of “National Research University”. Over the years Samara State Aerospace University has trained more than 50,000 highly skilled professionals, many of whom became prominent scientists, designers and organizers of production in state and public figures. Today Samara State Aerospace University employs 390 teachers in 47 departments.

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Samara Aerospace University
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