North Caucasus State Technical University

North-Caucasus Federal University (NCFD) was founded based on Decree by President of Russian Federation № 958 (July 18, 2011) and Order by Government of Russian Federation № 226-р (February 22, 2012), as the result of a merge of the three universities located in the Stavropol Region – North-Caucasus State Technical University; the Stavropol State University, and Pyatigorsk Humanities-Technological University.

This institution is not only rated as one of the largest educational institutions of the region yet it also is a unique site for numerous scientific and innovation projects, the leading arena for intercultural dialogue both within the region and beyond, and is a leading force contributing to the sustainable regional development through educational, cultural, and scientific links both within NCFD and with the neighboring countries.

By the year 2021 the NCFU shall become the largest academic institution for higher education in the North-Caucasus Federal District.

North-Caucasus Federal University is moving ahead being a driving force for the scientific and academic potential of the North Caucasus at the same time serving the basis for the economic development as well as an arena for intercultural dialogue both among the various local ethnic groups and foreign ones.

The aims and objectives of the new institution are reflected in North-Caucasus Federal University Development Program for the years 2012-2021 (approved by Government of Russian Federation, Order № 854-р, of May 28, 2012), and the priority streamlines here include:

Industrial progress in North-Caucasus Federal University through supplies of newer advanced technologies in nanomaterials, fundamental medicine, biomedical and pharmaceutical achievements, food technologies and food safety, engineering, oil & gas exploration and processing.

Improved NCFD infrastructure through newer energy-efficiency and energy-saving methods, geo-informational technologies, telecommunication systems, construction and transportation & logistic network development.

Building up the recreational potential of North-Caucasus Federal University including tourism, hospitality business, promoting biological diversity, environmental technologies and rational use of natural resources.

Socio-humanitarian development implying better methods for investigating ethnic, cultural, social, demographic, and political processes and intercultural communication; keeping up the role of the Russian language as the official language of the country, and maintaining the Russian civil identity in the North Caucasus.

The development of economic & financial institutions and management systems in North-Caucasus Federal University; legal public control over the economy and social services as well as promotion the development of a civil society based on strong and reliable democratic traditions for authority development and functioning.

Getting an education in North-Caucasus Federal University provides a student with exceptional groundwork for their career growth. Having a degree from North-Caucasus Federal University is being confident in your bright future and unfathomable career opportunities.