Chechen State University

Chechen State University is one of the oldest Higher Educational Institutions in the city of Grozny. Chechen State University was established in 1938 as a Teacher Training Institute by Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. On September 1, 1938 Teachers Training Institute was transformed into the Chechen-Ingush State Pedagogical Institute with a four-year training period. At that time the Institute had philological, historical, physical and mathematical faculties. In 1956 the Institute opened the Faculty of Physical Education, in 1958 it opened the Faculty of Pedagogy and the Methods of primary education, in 1960 the faculty of natural geography was opened, in 1962 – the faculty of Foreign Languages. In 1971 the Institute was transformed into the Chechen-Ingush State University. In 1980 the University already had 8 faculties. In 1990 Chechen-Ingush State University opened the Medical Faculty. On 28 February 1995 the Chechen-Ingush State University was renamed into Chechen State University. In 1997 Chechen State University opened the Agro-technological faculty. In November 1997 the Urus-Martan Correspondence Department of the Chechen State University was opened. On May 6, 2003 University was declared under the name of State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Chechen State University”. Today Chechen State University has 72 departments and 13 faculties. Chechen State University has 814 teachers, including 55 doctors, professors, 236 candidates of sciences. Today Chechen State university has trained almost 20,000 students.  Chechen State University has its own botanical garden, zoological museum, historical museum, a library with 5 service departments, subscriptions and reading rooms, and a catering plant.

Getting an education in Chechen State University provides a student with exceptional groundwork for their career growth. Having a degree from Chechen State University is being confident in your bright future and unfathomable career opportunities.

Listing Details

  • STATUS – State
  • ESTABLISHED – 1938


  • Law
  • History
  • Medicine
  • Economics
  • Foreign Languages
  • Public Administration
  • Financial and Economic
  • Biology and Chemistry
  • Agriculture technology
  • Geography and Geo-ecology
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Physics and Information and Communication Technologies
  • Additional professional education and training(Post-Graduation)

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